Offset Printing is a common form of printing that can produce large quantities very quickly, whilst providing fantastic quality print.

At Print Knight we provide offset printing services which offer some huge advantages over other print processes, depending on what result you are looking for.

The main reason however is quantity. Offset is ideal for large quantities of prints such as forms and control books-things that require print runs in their thousands. The more you print, the cheaper it becomes because the main cost is the set-up or the production of the plate.

Some customers also choose offset for it’s higher quality and consistency across the print run.


When you need high quality, affordable, full color printing that’s balanced between a tight schedule and smaller quantities, you need the flexibility of digital printing.

Print Knight’s state of the art equipment along with our highly trained staff ensures sharp, rich, digital image quality to meet all our customer requirements.

Our capabilities allow us to print on a much larger scale than any home printer and with a higher quality process at quicker speeds. . The savings made from this added efficiency are ultimately passed on to the customer.

Enhance your printing with our wide selection of in-house finishing options.


Large format printing is an advertising medium that has been growing in popularity through time.

The beauty of this type of printing is it gives you the luxury of a bigger area to work with. Large format printing can function as banners, posters, wallpapers, murals and more.

We only use high quality print materials and inks, and print using cutting edge printers operated by our skilled team of large print specialists. We strive to provide an unbeatable service from start to finish, high quality print results that you can count on and prices that won’t be beaten on value for money.


When great design and superb print quality cone together, the result can be pure perfection.

The creative juices at Print Knight multiply by the thousands when it comes to being a part of a special project. The Print Knight team thrives on out of the box thinking leading to doing things innovatively. Over the years numerous such challenging projects have been handled by Print Knight with stupendous success.

Speciality Jobs at Print Knight go beyond paper. Projects have been undertaken on pvc, canvas, wood and fabrics using different techniques to achieve superior products. Practical creativity at it’s finest.